… Still We Sit

Battery Dance Festival: Wednesday (Performance 5 of 7)

“It’s time to go, but still we sit, lingering in our summer”

Inspired by a poem by John Fuller, “… Still We Sit” is about the blossoming but intricate relationship between a couple. The choreography comprised mostly of simple movements. Among the synchronized steps, mirrored moves, the longing for each other, and the joy of spending time together, however, moments of dissonance would arise revealing ambivalent emotions in the couple. From initially walking past each other in opposite directions, the couple ended the performance sitting side-by-side, arm-in-arm, finding comfort in each other’s presence. What a lovely story.

“… Still We Sit” by Maxine Steinman & Dancers (2002)
Choreography: Maxine Steinman and Raymundo Costa
Dancers: Maxine Steinman, Columbine Macher
Photography: Jason Chuang