New York Moves

Many thanks to Shelly Hutchinson for producing this event to benefit victims of Hurricanes Harvey, Irma and Maria — and for having me photograph these beautiful creations.

(top left) Breton Tyner-Bryan, Mary-Angela Granberry, Jenny Winton, and Abdiel Jacobson in “Mucha” choreographed by Breton Tyner-Bryan
(top right) Stephanie Lim in “In the Back of Beyond” choreographed by Ginger Cox
(second row left) Sam Assemany and Nikki Wood in “Counterpart” choreographed by Mike Esperanza in collaboration with the dancers
(second row right) “Charlie” choreographed by Jess Hendricks and Mark Caserta
(third row left) “Byegone” choreographed by Hannah Jane Frederick
(third row right) Rachel M. Hettinger and Michaela Catherine McGowan in “Eyes Fixed” choreographed by Michaela Catherine McGowan
(fourth row left) metaphors&smilesDANCE in “Watercolor Fall” choreographed by Rachel M. Hettinger (fourth row right) “New Second Line” choreographed by Camille A. Brown
(fifth row) Sidra Bell Dance New York in “suite” choreographed by Sidra Bell
(bottom left) Nicole Ashley Morris in “You” choreographed by Kristin Sudeikis
(bottom right) Hutchinson Collaborative in “Days of the Open Hand” choreographed by Shelly Hutchinson
Photography by Jason Chuang