Bare to the Wall

Battery Dance Festival: Wednesday (Performance 6 of 7)

My other favorite group of the night! What a delight to see Buglisi Dance. I love confluence of modern and theatre, and the uplifting spirit of this piece. Right from the beginning, the dancers opened the performance by dashing across the floor one after another — stretching, lifting, and projecting themselves to the audience. The energy kept building up in this choreography. The dancers got a little more playful, their strides became bolder, until we were treated to an endless sequence of beautiful lifts and aerials towards the end. Bravos!

Also, check out their upcoming 9/11 Table of Silence Project. Info at Buglisi Dance Theatre.

“Bare to the Wall” by Buglisi Dance Theatre (1996)
Choreography: Jacqulin Buglisi and Donlin Foreman
Dancers: So Young An and Ari Mayzick, Blakeley White-McGuire and Abdiel Cedric Jacobsen, Anne O’Donnell and Malik Williams
Costumes: Willa Kim
Photography: Jason Chuang