Mari Meade Dance Collective

Day Two of the Battery Dance Festival (Performance 5 of 7)

What I like the most about “Dialogue” by Mari Meade Dance Collective is the partnering. The choreography opened with two dancers “shadow” partnering — moving together in response to each other, without actually physically touching. The movements began to build with the addition of a third dancer, before eventually introducing the entire company of nine dancers. At first glance, this performance could be mistaken for improvisation, but small repetitions (both in time and sometimes in small groups of three dancers) revealed subtle structures in the art of collaboration.

“Dialogue” by Mari Meade Dance Collective (2017)
Choreography: Mari Meade
Dancers: Dia Dearstyne, Breanna Gribble, Misuzu Hara, Sean Hatch, Amanda Hinchey, Morgan Hurst, Isaac Owens, Or Reitman, Rachel Rizzuto
Costumes: Marc Witmer
Photography: Jason Chuang