Echoes by FJK Dance

Day Two of the Battery Dance Festival (Performance 4 of 7)

My two thoughts as I watched “Echoes” by Fadi J. Khoury Dance were… First, gorgeous techniques!!! I wanted to take more ballet and jazz classes, just so that I could move as beautifully as the five men on stage. Second, the men had all the fun in this piece. Sorry ladies but the men got the more exciting leaps, the more dynamic movements, and even the prettier scarves. A lovely, powerful, and at times sensual choreography. Well done, F.J.K. Dance!

“Echoes” by Fadi J. Khoury Dance (2016)
Choreography: Fadi J. Khoury
Dancers: Fadi J. Khoury, Sevin Ceviker, Nick Peregrino, Elisa Toro Franky, Dannys Gonzalez, Lucia Jackson, Jose Losada, Serena Giannini, Motasem Amairy, Mara Driscoll
Photography: Jason Chuang