SHE, a Choreoplay

Go see “SHE A Choreoplay”!!!!!

Powerful. Courageous. Unapologetic. Truthful. Empowering. Just some words the audience used to describe the performance in the post-show talk-back. Playing until May 21st. Details at Jinah Parker.

A show about sexual violence against women. A raw, emotional, and honest conversation for everyone. An incredible fusion of dance and spoken words to explore a sensitive topic, to connect with the audience, to dive into at-times secretive pasts, and to empower everyone to become an agent of change.

Did I mention the dancing is also absolutely gorgeous? Bravos to the dancers for candidly expressing a full range of emotions, from that of the dreamy first loves to the violent humiliating assaults, from that of the dark shameful moments to the healed souls. You are amazing: Jinah Parker, Sarah Elaz, Yuki Fukui, Brittni Genovese, Evelyn Hoelscher, Kerime Konur.

One of the most touching performances I’ve seen lately. Thank you for the wonderful work! #SHEaChoreoplay