The Series by Ballet Inc.

More from this past weekend. Supporting young choreographers at the Ballet Inc show featuring…

“Couer Silencuex” choreographed by Aaron Atkin and performed by the Ballet Inc Contemporary Ballet Company (top right)

“Insomnia” by Cara Shanks (top center)

“It’s Not The Way You Smile” by Matthew Soojian (top left)

“Dancing with Duke Ellington” by Diane Dragone and the Kennedy Dancers (middle left)

“In Spite Of” by Emma Russo (bottom left)

“Together Apart” by Evelyn Joy Hoelscher and the Spaces of Fontana Collective (bottom center)

“This One’s for Jenny” by Sara Lieck and Entertainment X Primary (bottom right)

Photography by Jason Chuang

SHE, a Choreoplay

Go see “SHE A Choreoplay”!!!!!

Powerful. Courageous. Unapologetic. Truthful. Empowering. Just some words the audience used to describe the performance in the post-show talk-back. Playing until May 21st. Details at Jinah Parker.

A show about sexual violence against women. A raw, emotional, and honest conversation for everyone. An incredible fusion of dance and spoken words to explore a sensitive topic, to connect with the audience, to dive into at-times secretive pasts, and to empower everyone to become an agent of change.

Did I mention the dancing is also absolutely gorgeous? Bravos to the dancers for candidly expressing a full range of emotions, from that of the dreamy first loves to the violent humiliating assaults, from that of the dark shameful moments to the healed souls. You are amazing: Jinah Parker, Sarah Elaz, Yuki Fukui, Brittni Genovese, Evelyn Hoelscher, Kerime Konur.

One of the most touching performances I’ve seen lately. Thank you for the wonderful work! #SHEaChoreoplay