I missed the Broadway revival of Falsettos three years ago, and am super glad to see the show tonight in the West End, where much of the audience left the theater in tears.

At 39 songs, the narrative is long and complex covering various relationships from intimate partners to parent-child, from marriages to divorces, from religion to death, and finding one’s own sexual identity.

Some of my favorite moments: The comical start to the show and “Everyone Tells Jason to See a Psychiatrist”. Trina in “I’m Breaking Down”. The end of Act I was heartwarming, if not slightly unexpected. Overall, the show up to this point felt like a supercharged version of the movie, Love Actually.

Perhaps I should have anticipated what would happen in Act II given the show’s plot, setting, and timing. The end still caught me off guard, and brought back memories of Angels in America.


Catching this awesome show at the Arts Theatre, where it was first professionally staged.

Not your typical musical, but I really enjoyed the hip hop movements and the catchy pop music.

Most of all, I really liked the script and the messaging.

The six characters are based on the six wives of Henry VIII. While there’s only so much one can adapt them to the modern times (after all, two of them were beaded by their husband and one divorced because she didn’t look like her painting), the script and the messaging are surprisingly strong! Bravos to all the queens!!

Harry Potter and the Cursed Child

Harry Potter and the Cursed Child is amazing!!! It’s going right up there as my favorite play/musical. Possibly even edging out Hamilton.

Incredible story telling. Stunning choreography and stage design. The two parts are almost six hours in length, but time flew by so fast because the story is so engaging.

The main characters all have their own distinct personalities. Kudos to the talented cast for bringing each one of them to life.

An American in Paris

I got tickets to “An American in Paris” at the West End three months ago, on the very day I found out I’m coming to London.

So happy to experience one of my all-time favorite musicals again.

On a different note, crazy insane major congratulations to my ballet teacher Deanna Doyle who debuted as Lise on the US national tour of “An American in Paris” last night. 🤗😃😍