Fall for Dance: Day Seven

Finally saw Abraham.In.Motion (and Connie Shiau) perform at the NY City Center. Tonight’s world premier of “Drive” didn’t have (at least to me) the charged political statements or the emotional pains that I had read much about in Kyle Abraham’s work. Artistically, I loved the style, the body language of the dancers, the sharpness of the movements, and the responsiveness to the music. I felt connected to the dancers and the scene — set through lighting, movements, and music — that reflects New York.

Abraham.In.Motion is presenting “Dearest Home” in Purchase on Oct 20-21. Should I go see it???

Also loved Gauthier Dance//Dance Company Theaterhaus Stuttgart’s US premier of “Streams” choreographed by Andonis Foniadakis. Smooth flowing movements with sharp emphases. Like ocean waves approaching a beach. Something is always happening. Something is always building up. You never know what to expect, when the waves would collide, or how the waves would break. The dancers could be going in 13 different directions and, BOOM, they were suddenly in unison creating a big splash on stage. Everything then fades away, and we await the next wave of approaching dancers.

This contemporary-themed evening closed with Ballet BC’s “Bill” choreographed by Sharon Eyal and Gai Behar. 16 dancers in nude full body suits with their hair dyed in white. There was nothing to focus on except for the 16 bodies. And boy were they gorgeous! Incredible movement quality from each of the dancers, but it’s the group’s synergy, slight contrasts between the dancers, and interactions that made this piece so mesmorizing.

Finally, saw Sara Mearns in yet another dance genre… learning to hip hop with Honji Wang!

p.s. Had a serendipitous conversation with former MOMIX dancer Taz Loft tonight. Meeting interesting people and fellow dance lovers: That’s why we live in this city! Also, MOMIX!! 😍

The Art of Isadora

Congratulations to Isadora Duncan Dance Company for a wonderful performance and a sold-out house at the Joyce Theater tonight.

Two years ago, when I first arrived in New York City, I received my very first dance class from former Duncan Dance company member Morgana Mellett. I loved the naturalness of the Duncan movements, the connection to the body, and the music. Morgana encouraged me to sign up for their week-long summer workshop, which I did and then repeated again for a second week.

Looking back, I couldn’t have wished for a better start to my dance experience in New York City. Duncan merged so many of my favorite dance elements. Vintage steps such as the mazurka, the gallop, and the polka. The influence of ballet. The emphasis on natural movements and expressiveness, which I enjoy so much in contemporary lyrical.

Seeing Duncan Dance on stage tonight at the Joyce Theater, in a way, is completing the circle for me. To see where it all began. To understand how I fell in love. To re-live the wonderful experiences that inspired me then… and still captivate me now.

Emily D’Angelo: I’ve seen you beautifully dance Greeting, Lullabye, and Flames of the Heart before, but you were more loving and more fierce tonight than ever. Bravos!

Nikki Poulos: You’ve grown so much! Love the way you opened the Furies.

Faith Kimberling: Love your musicality!

Hayley Brasher: I’ve mostly heard about you from others, except for the brief moment seeing you outside the theater tonight. Love your energy and radiance. Great job!

Of course, guest star Sara Mearns of NYCB Ballet is absolutely beautiful, and Lori Belilove as always, is full of the true Duncan spirit. Thank you for the incredible show and a wonderful evening!