First public preview of Diana. ❤️❤️❤️

Wow!!! What a show! Amazing storytelling. Spectacular choreographies. Wonderful singing. Stunning costumes.

The show told not just the story of Diana but also that of Charles, Camilla, and the Queen. Diana’s personality shone through. As tragic as the story ended, nobody was made a villain, but we understood the circumstances and everyone’s perspectives a lot better.

The plot moved fast, and was super engaging from the first flash of the paparazzis’ cameras till the very end.

Choreographed by Kelly Devine, who also put on Came From Away, the dancing and movements were absolutely gorgeous. Of course, there were the big stunning dance numbers. I also loved how the cast filled the stage with continuous movements during the scene transitions, and small accents like everyone tilting their chairs in sync.

Finally, so many beautiful costumes and so many costume changes! 😍

The Prom

Went back and saw The Prom again tonight. Still absolutely love the show!!! ❤️❤️❤️

Beautiful songs. Empowering words. Heart-warming stories. Stunning choreographies. And hilarious plots.

“Nobody out there…
ever gets to define…
the life I’m meant to lead…
with this unruly heart of mine.”

“Life is no dress rehearsal…
so why not make some waves…
before it’s through.”

“I just wanna dance with you.
Let the whole world melt away…
and dance with you.”

#ThePromMusical #ThePromForTheTony

The Prom

I just want to dance with you at the Prom tonight.

❤️❤️❤️ LOVE LOVE LOVE THE SHOW! ❤️❤️❤️

WOW!!! Love the script. Love the dancing and singing. Love the humor but also the heart-felt stories. Love the self-deprecating jokes about the liberal democrats on Broadway but also why we need theatre. The cast is fabulous from the leads to the entire triple-threat ensemble. …aaand the show is only in preview. Can’t wait to see the final production!!

Go see this absolutely fabulous show!!! I already got tickets to return next month. #theprommusical

A Bronx Tale

A Bronx Tale… with life lessons about fulfilling your potential, about love and fear, about doing what’s right, and about following your heart.

Many subplots run through this musical, as we follow Calogero growing up in an Italian neighborhood in the Bronx through 1960s. Nothing is easy, nor black and white, for the 9-year-old who eventually turn 17 by the end of the show.

Various character developments were too overly simplistic. I am slightly uncomfortable with the patriarchal theme of “being a man” but understand that’s what one needs to survive in a tough hood. At the same time, there’s no significant female role in the show, which is regrettable for a coming-of-age story.

At the end, I felt scared for the teenager, conflicted, and confused alongside him. I cried for the mafia boss despite everything he did. The message about looking to your heart shone through. Love prevailed over fear. Calogero found his way in life, and became somebody. And that, I suppose, is what’s truly important.