Star Dust by Complexions

Star Dust by Complexions Ballet. One of my all-time favorites!!!

Set to chart-topping songs by David Bowie, Star Dust is not just a stunning ballet but an unforgettable rock concert.

The mood of a dazzling and glistening show is set, as soon as the curtain draws open, with the company standing tall as silhouettes against a backdrop of laser lights and disco balls.

I get the goosebumps listening to Brandon Gray sing “Lazarus” accompanied by gorgeous ballet. Energy and excitement build up. Brandon morphs into Andrew Brader in “Change”. Shanna Irwin strolls across the stage, in pointe with poise and attitude, foreshadowing what’s to come in “Space Oddity”. The audience goes wild (every time), when Addison Ector takes center stage in pointe. The beautiful and playful ballet up to this point now turns into powerful commanding movements. Each later song brings its own emotion and character onto stage: youthfulness and spirit in “1984”, humanity and kindness in “Heroes”, dynamism in “Modern Love”. The show always feels way too short, when the company dances their heart out in “Young Americans” to close the performance. Bravos!!!