Pinocchio by Jasmin Vardimon

Pinocchio by the Jasmin Vardimon Company at Sadler’s Wells was incredible this evening.

What is it to be human? To dream, to strive, and to love. Tonight I felt the aspiration, sadness, loneliness, and love… both on stage and deep inside myself as I laughed and cried with Pinocchio.

Absolutely loved this piece of dance theatre: a wonderful choreography that brought a marionette to life, and even more amazing dancers who executed the movements.

So stunning was the movement quality that I had to rub my eyes multiple times to truly believe I was seeing real people. Nobody could possibly move like so?! No dancers could possibly partner so well and be so coordinated?!?!?! Especially memorable scenes include: chapter 1 when Pinocchio first came alive, chapter 4 at the Marionette Theatre (insane puppet work whereby two dancers controlled a third “puppet” dancer), chapter 6 at the Inn (especially the human ceiling fan and the two lovers who were portrayed by four feet), and chapter 13 when Pinocchio was taunted and bullied (and when I cried and others audibly gasped). Other beautiful moments: the Fairy and the start/ending scene with a chain of dancing toys.

Creative set design that floated in the air. Expressive lighting design that enhanced several key scenes.

Wish I had come yesterday and seen the show a second time.