Twyla Tharp Dance

Am absolutely excited about the start of 2017-2018 Season at the Joyce Theater!!!

The new season at began this week with Twyla Tharp Dance presenting four choreographies, separated in time by 47 years as Twyla explores the language of dance throughout her career. We were treated to choreographies as varied as “The Fugue” (created in 1970 without music) and excerpts of “Entr’acte” (produced this year, using a spoken dialogue between Twyla and the audience to start off the piece).

My favorite part of the night, however, belonged to the curtain chat. Twyla, needing no introduction, took the mic and spoke candidly as the audience called out questions.

How did the 70s differ from today? (People were willing — and could afford — to work for free.)

Why do you create dance without music? (Twyla choreographed without music for 5 years, as part of her exploration.)

What do you look for in a dancer? (I need to fall in love with the dancer.)

What is your favorite choreography? (How many children do you have?)

Advice to dancers? (Work, work, work.)