Puffs: the Seven Increasingly Eventful Years at a Certain School of Magic & Magic.

A Harry Potter parody, so funny and hilarious, that I couldn’t stop laughing from the beginning to the end. If you’ve read and re-read the Harry Potter books and seen the movies at least 5 times each, you need to see this play!!

Do you know the three wizarding students who went to Hogwarts, became best friends, learnt magic, and tried to save the world?

Yup! Wayne, Megan, and Oliver! Wait. You haven’t heard of them? Well, me neither until tonight. They’re the three Hufflepuffs who “just happened to be at Hogwarts” in the same seven years as Harry, Hermione, and Ron. Puffs is a parody about the other students, a story of what it feels like to be secondary characters in someone else’s story. Most of all though, it’s about the most powerful magic in the world… love! ❤️

Other memorable moments include Susie playing all the signature Harry Potter moments (refreshing to see an actress play the part and she did a fabulous job). Ron as the red broom. Hermione as the messy wig. Students watching the Tri-Wizard Tournament (“We’re just watching a lake”). All the 90s pop music since Harry Potter did go to school in the 90s. The sorting hat. References to both the books and the movies (“The headmaster looks different this year”, the ginormous fifth book, Wayne’s light saber in the “Weird Mirror”).