Wonder Woman

Yesssss, Wonder Woman!!!

“I expected to like Wonder Woman. I didn’t expect it to be such a relief.” wrote Caroline Framke in Vox. Well put, Caroline. I couldn’t have phrased my reactions any better.

I am so glad (and so relieved) to finally see a heroine who is proud, strong, and intelligent… who carves out a story of her own without being limited by the society’s (or entertainment industry’s) gender stereotypes… and to see other male characters react in ways that real men should do (or any real men with a secure sense of self should do): Show our superhero respect, admire her strength, and let her take the reins.

Now that I’ve got my jitters out of the way, I will definitely be going back again soon. Re-watch the movie knowing I can kick back, relax, and enjoy dazzling fight scenes without having to take a break from being a feminist.

Caroline Framke: Wonder Woman isn’t just the superhero Hollywood needs. She’s the one exhausted feminists deserve.