97% of the New Yorkers polled say that arts and culture is important to them.

New York City is developing its first-ever comprehensive cultural plan. CreateNYC is the roadmap on how the city will shape the future of arts and culture. The CreateNYC commission has already held 400+ events and engaged with 188,000 people. It’s soliciting additional public comments, before the plan is finalized in July.

New Yorkers — What does arts and culture mean to you? How does arts and culture impact you? What do you want to see in your city?

Dancers and Choreographers — What issues do you face? As dancers, we are often trained to work hard and persevere. We move through soreness and pain, and never complain. However, speak up about CreateNYC!!! This is our chance to ask for support. Let the city know what you need to create, to perform, to live here, to be paid fairly, and to stay healthy. Let’s ensure New York City, the dance capital of the world, remains an amazing place for dancers for years to come.

Review the current plan.

Take the polls.

Show up at an upcoming event.