José Limón Dance Company

Wow’ed by José Limón Dance Company at the Joyce Theater tonight.

There’s so much life in José Limón’s work.

On top of the full range of emotions expressed by the dances, the physical delivery is also mesmerizing. Contrasts between powerful percussions (full company stomping the floor) and subtle gestures (a flick of the wrist). Sudden shifts from dynamic motions to perfect stillness. Yet, in between these extremes, everything blends together into a beautiful story.

My favorites are the strength and tenderness found in “A Choreographic Offering”, the elegance and beauty in “Concerto Grosso”, and also Kate Weare’s contemporary work “Night Light” where everything flows so smoothly.

In the post-show conversation, Kristen Foote answered an audience question why she became a dancer: “Dance gives back. Dance is revelatory. The most rewarding part of surrendering herself to dance, is that she discovered herself.”