Wave Rising Series

Opening night at the Wave Rising Series, featuring works by emerging choreographers.

Exciting work, if I may add!!! The series continues for two more weekends including works by four more companies that didn’t present tonight. Go and check them out. Some of my favorites:

“Searching for a Phase Change” by LaneCoArts. I like the fusion of dance, drawing, and the various music segments. The interplay between the dancers and the painter is novel and unexpected. The piece starts with five dancers moving about the room, and a painter on the floor furiously filling his canvas with bold lines. When their roles are suddenly reversed, the effect is not just visual but psychological too. A big shock to the painter, who suddenly see the world in a different perspective. I would love to learn more about what motivated the choreography. The emotions are so raw in this piece. Is there a real-world experience behind it?

Excerpts from “now now” by Mei Yamanaka Works. Struggles and conflicts define the relationship between the two characters on stage. In the beginning, the two try to pop the (imaginary) balloons tied around each other’s ankles, in a playful but competitive manner. The playfulness turns into judo-like throw downs of each other. Dressed in complementary orange and grey costumes, the two characters engage in activities that increasingly frustrate each other, hurt each other, before calming down and reverting to same pattern over and over again. Yet, they always stick with each other no matter what happens. I guess, in a way, that’s just real-life relationships, isn’t it?

“COR-O2” by –ěniin Dance Company and Daniela Rapisarda. This piece has its own distinct stylistic movements that, in all honesty, defy words to describe it. The body isolations and arm movements are so much fun to watch!

Excerpts from “iyouuswe” by Young Soon Kim Dance Company. An abstract piece that cannot be described in words either and, as far as I can tell, does not have a narrative. Yet, there are moments in the choreography where the movements feel so nature and satisfying!!!