Open Rehearsal with Dorrance Dance

Open rehearsal with Dorrance Dance at the Joyce Theater!

I had a chance to see “Until the Real Thing Comes Along (A Letter to Ourselves)” again, and it was even better than the first time. It’s great when a choreography has depths, and gets better with each viewing. Bravos to Michelle Dorrance, Melinda Sullivan, Josette Wiggan-Freund, and Hannah Heller.

My favorite moment of the afternoon:

Hosting the talkback Laura Diffenderfer asked: The title of the piece is “Until the Real Thing Comes Along (A Letter to Ourselves)”. What might that letter say?

Josette: To keep going. Given everything that happened throughout 2017, to keep striving to be true. To be a better daughter, a better wife, a better mother, a better friend. To ask: How I can be better today?

Melinda: This is a piece created for us, by our own voices. The [creative] process has been as important as the performance. The letter would say: Surround ourselves with people who encourage ourselves to be ourselves.

Michelle: In light of the year, this choreography is a collaborative process with only women. (Assistant director included). To show each of our voice is valid. To comunicate that our voices are appreciated, valued, and cherished.

Dorrance Dance

Dorrance Dance is performing at the Joyce Theater until December 31st.

I don’t think Michelle Dorrance Michelle Dorrance needs any introduction! Her show last night ended with the same choreography, Myelination, as it did at Fall for Dance in October. My favorite, though, goes to the opening choreography “Until the Real Thing Comes Along (A Letter to Ourselves).”

The piece is choreographed, performed, and improvised by four dancers: Michelle, Melinda Sullivan Melinda Sullivan, Josette Wiggan-Freund Josette Wiggan-Freund, and Jillian Meyers.

It was so much fun watching the four SUPER talented dancers play with each other and enjoy themselves on stage: Experimenting with rhythms, costumes, mustashe, coordinate moves, as well as spectacular solos. WOW! JUST WOW to Michelle’s solo!!! 😍 Also, I first saw Melinda in Postmodern Jukebox‘s Umbrella, and have been following the Sole Sisters ever since. It’s AMAZING to see Melinda perform in person! 😘

At the post-show curtain chat, Michelle described her vision to foster a collaborative environment where every dancer in her company can express their voice. It was wonderful to see her leadership, her philosophy of treating her dancers as her equals, and to see the resulting work from such a creative process.

In today’s patriarchal and oligarchical society, where so much is owned, controlled, and dictated by a few men, I can’t express how glad I am to see these four strong women stand up, demonstrate, and prove a different vision. BRAVOS!!!

By chance, I’ll have an opportunity to attend an open rehearsal with Dorrance Dance next week. Look forward to seeing more of how Michelle works with her dancers. 😀