The Durga Project

Throwback to watching Battery Dance at Battery Dance Festival 2016. One of the few times that I picked up my camera in recent years.

I remember enjoying the fusion of western and Indian influences in this piece. Beyond blending together ballet and jazz lines with Indian movements, I love the use of music and a story line that touches on everything from human connections to relationships and family.

Battery Dance’s New York season is this Wednesday and Thursday!

This year’s program sounds amazing: an international collaboration to examine refugees, traditions, and the current political climate. Except I’m already booked up on both nights and cannot attend. Have a great run!!! Go watch them and let me know how it is.

“The Durga Project”
Artistic Director: Jonathan Hollander
Dancers/Choreographers: Robin Cantrell, Mira Cook, Unnath H.R., Clement Mensah, Bethany Mitchell, Sean Scantlebury
Photographer: Jason Chuang