MOMIX is playing at the Joyce Theater through August 11. Don’t this group of incredible visual artists!!!

Here are some of my favorites from last Wednesday.

Aqua Flora — A gorgeous solo where the dancer spins nonstop throughout the entire choreography, creating beautiful visual illusions with the thousands of beads hanging off her neck.

Tuu — A stunning duet that’s aesthetically beautiful but also requires the strength of steel to perform, or at least more core strength than I ever thought was possible.

Dream Catcher — A unique acrobatic choreography unlike anything I’ve seen. Two dancers move through 3D space with the help of a kinetic sculpture (that’s about two stories tall). According to founder and artistic director, Moses Pendleton, the piece was so difficult to create initially, that the original cast wore football helmets (with a full face mask) to prevent themselves from being accidentally crushed by the moving sculpture.

Man Fan — A solo with the most outrageous but impressive costume, where a single person fills the entire Joyce Theater, literally.

If You Need Some Body — A light-hearted and unexpected comedy piece to chose the show!