Balkan Dreams

Battery Dance Festival: Wednesday (Performance 7 of 7)

Tina Croll + Company presented folk and social dance from the Balkans — including fun patterns, playful leaps and turns, and men’s footwork. The music, traditional Bulgarian, Macedonian, and Rumanian, had such a strong rhythm to them, I could totally see myself dancing to the tunes — polkaing, galloping, or just following the dance on stage!

“Balkan Dreams” by Tina Croll + Company (excerpts 2002)
Choreography: Tina Croll + Company
Dancers: Erin DeLucia-Benson, Victoria Dombroski, Michelle Durante, Kendra Dushac, Michelle Gilligan, Alexandra Mount-Campbell, Michael Ginsburg, Noel Kropf, Bard Rosell
Photography: Jason Chuang