Emery LeCrone Dance

The Joyce Theater Ballet Festival opened tonight with a performance by and reception with Emery LeCrone Dance.

I thoroughly enjoyed the show which consisted of five works: three World Premiers, a U.S. Premier created in 2016, and an excerpt from Emery’s debut at the Joyce in 2015.

What I like the most about tonight is seeing Emery’s emerging style. She has a “contemporary lyrical” interpretation of ballet. I love how beautifully and gracefully her dancers moved across the floor. Grand jetés lingered in the air, as if the dancers could stretch time. Lifts descended slowly, softly, and elegantly. Yet, periodically, ballerinas would accelerate out of a chaînés with an outburst of emotion.

Her company featured several dancers over 6 feet tall. Combined with costume designs that showcased the dancers’ bodies, Emery created a distinct visual style that accentuated height on stage. She also experimented with music. Four of the five choreographies tonight were done to live music including one with vocals.

Altogether, I had a wonderful experience. My favorites go to “Beloved” and “Time Slowing, Ending” which I thought were the smoothest and most elegant of her work tonight.

Emery LeCrone Dance is performing at the Joyce for two more nights until July 20th. Check them out!

Also look forward to seeing Claudia Schreier and Company, Cirio Collective, Gemma Bond Dance, and Amy Seiwert’s Imagery over the next two weeks!