DanceNOW at Joe’s Pub

Wonderful evening seeing works by 10 choreographers at the DanceNOW festival at Joe’s Pub today.

Loooove the world premiere of “Glass” by Kate Ladenheim and the People Movers. I interpreted the piece as women breaking the glass ceiling in the corporate world. Four female dancers dressed in white blazers and pants. The choreography began with Bre Short at a desk pushing papers around. We followed her growth, perhaps internal and likely external, to find her voice and confidence. The piece built up to reveal an invigorated and emboldened woman, just as the background music ended with the final lyrics: “I did it my way.”

Also loooove “At This Point” by Christal Brown. Part autobiography but part a casual conversation that I could be having with a dear friend. We learnt about Christal’s life as a mother, a dancer, and mostly recently a professor. Through it all, we learnt about what’s precious in life, what she’s accomplished, what we should let go, and most importantly what really matters at this point in her life (or at any point in our lives)… is that we truly love ourselves.

We were also treated to a powerful solo by Dana Thomas (of Jamal Jackson and Dana Thomas Dance Company), comedy by Gregory Dolbashian/The DASH Ensemble, and many other creative works.

The DanceNOW festival continues tomorrow and Saturday at Joe’s Pub. Go and check out 10 different choreographers each night. Info and tickets at Joe’s Pub.