TaylorNext Night

TaylorNext night with Paul Taylor American Modern Dance at the Lincoln Center on Saturday. Catch the Paul Taylor Dance Company next week, for the final week of their New York season!!!

This evening’s program included Musical Offering, The Beauty in Gray, and Arden Court.

My favorite goes to “Arden Court” in which dancers travelled, leaped, and flew to uplifting music. I enjoyed the distinct movement quality in “Musical Offering” that was part mannequin and part two-dimensional. We saw excerpts from “the Beauty in Gray” at the season preview. I felt the duets at the end were still the highlight of the piece.

TaylorNext Season Preview

The Paul Taylor American Modern Dance Lincoln Center season is March 7 – 25. Tickets are now on sales. Get yours now!!!

I had a wonderful time at the season preview of the Paul Taylor Dance Company on Tuesday. My favorite moments of the night go to the three gorgeous emotional duets in Bryan Arias‘s new work (to premier on March 8 at the Lincoln Center) and the theatrical “Cloven Kingdom” in which dancers reveal the conflicts behind one’s true motives and inner feelings vs. our outward “social” expectations.

There’s so much to LOVE about this company. The incredibly talented dancers. The depth and dimensions in Paul Taylor’s works. (This season will feature 14 of his works.) The incorporation and synthesis of other modern dance forms. (This season will feature three guest choreographers as well works by Isadora Duncan and the Trisha Brown Dance Company.)

And if you’re a young dance supporter, check out TaylorNEXT and come hang out with us. 🙂