Swan Lake

American Ballet Theatre. June 23rd at the Met Opera House.

A completely packed house to see Misty Copeland as Odette-Odile in Swan Lake this afternoon.

Swan Lake

American Ballet Theatre. June 18th at the Met Opera House.

Swan Lake. My favorite moments: The black swan scene between Devon Teuscher and Cory Stearns. Pas de Trois by Katherine Williams, Catherine Hurlin, and Blaine Hoven.


An entertaining evening with gorgeous costumes, a lovely White Ball, wonderful singing, and stunning visuals. Also, Christy Altomare could make anyone fall in love with her and bow to her highness.

Costuming in Anastasia is gorgeous beyond imagination, especially for me as a vintage dancer whose favorite dance period is 1800s through 1910s.

Love all the waltzes, polkas, and gallops at the White Ball in Saint Petersburg. Coincidentally, I had originally registered to attend a historical dance week in Russia next week (but cancelled due to a work conflict). The signature event of the week is a White Ball in Saint Petersburg. Awwwwww…..

Christy Altomare is perfect as both Anastasia and Anya. Love the amazing chemistry between Christy, Derek Klena (Dmitry), and John Bolton (Vlad Popov) that make the story so heart-felt.

Wonderful singing from everyone in the cast.

Finally, bravos to Sissy Bell as Odette and the other dancers for staging Swan Lake in the middle of a musical. The ballet appears to be danced on the marble floor on stage though!?!?!?

This one is for you, Anita Mannings: Anya is feisty, strong, and determined to find her identity. As she recalls more of her past, Anya starts to think she really is the Grand Duchess Anastasia Nikolaevna of Russia. More than having just memories and royal demeanors, however, she must be recognized by her grandmother, Dowager Empress Maria Feodorovna, to become a true princess. In order to pass the test, her grandmother reminds her: “You must convince yourself, before you can convince others.” All the best in London! Believe in yourself. You’ve got it!!

Swan Lake: Misty Copeland

Second night of Swan Lake with American Ballet Theatre. We all fell in love and died with Misty Copeland and Herman Cornejo.

Absolutely love Misty especially her as the black swan. The sharp dramatic releases as she pushes away from Prince Siegfried. The gaze of her eyes, constantly scanning the room and hunting for her prey. Odile is pure evilness. Wow!

Tonight was ballet theatre at its finest. I could feel the entire theater falling in love with Misty and Herman by the Lakeside, and crying audibly as they drown themselves. I had tears in my eyes as the lovers re-unite in life after death.

And then, we were treated to more delicious dancing: Herman’s gorgeous leaps where he floats in the air forever, ever, and ever. Misty and Herman’s incredible coda in Act III. Lovely pas de trois by Skylar Brandt, Cassie Trenary, and Jeffrey Cirio. And James Whiteside, as the flamboyant von Rothbart, commanding the Great Hall.

Swan Lake: Isabella Boylston

Swan Lake at American Ballet Theatre tonight. What a wonderful show!!

I finally saw Isabella Boylston in a lead role for the first time, and got to meet her during the backstage tour! Though still nursing an injury, Isabella captured her roles perfectly: magnificent as Odette and playful if not mischievous as Odile. No fouette sequence tonight, but her lines and extensions are just gorgeous. Wishing you a speedy full recovery, Isabella.

Not to be outdone, Alban Lendorf was impeccable as Prince Siegfried. I love their duets but also Alban’s solos at the Great Hall: so powerful yet so musical. As if two-and-half hours of ballet wasn’t exhausting enough, Alban made a grand exit at the very end. Jetting across the stage and taking one of the highest and biggest leap, following Odette, to his death. Wow. Talk about partnering and chemistry. 😉

Bravos to Skylar Brandt for going all out in the pas de trois at the Birthday Party. Having heard wonderful things about her debut as Medora in Le Corsaire, I was excited to see her tonight. And what gorgeous leaps and turns! I will definitely be looking out for Skylar in the future.

p.s. Read more about Isabella and Alban’s partnering in New York Times this week.