SpongeBob SquarePants

SpongeBob SquarePants was funny, and over-the-top entertaining.

I generally prefer musicals with a strong emotional central story. Understandably, I came into the theater last night uncertain whether I’ll actually enjoy this comical production based on a children’s television series. But I did!!!

The central plot was simple, but the show pulled out every trick in musical theatre and put on an extravagant show. I came out wondering if I had visited Las Vegas.

A huge dance ensemble? Check. Extravagant tap dance piece? Check. Incredible solo vocals? Check. Tricks on roller skates? Tricks on skateboards? Dancing alphabets? Dancing in the mezz and balcony? Dancing miniature characters? (Think “miniature weather van and the show” in Groundhog Day.) Millions of bubbles coming down from the sky? Confetti and ribbons filling the theater? Pirate jokes? Check. Check. Check.

The entire cast is SUPER multi-talented to perform all the dancing, singing, acting, and the numerous acrobatic and physical tricks — often at the same time. Case in point. Ethan Slater (as SpongeBob) attached to a safety wire, singing while climbing a volcano upside down. Bravos. Bravos.