Shy Blue by Cia Elías Aguirre

Day Two of the Battery Dance Festival (Performance 6 of 7)

“Shy Blue” by Cia Elías Aguirre (U.S. Premier)
Choreography: Elías Aguirre
Dancers: Elías Aguirre Imbernon, Jose Jurado Giles, Lautaro Alejandro Reyes Saez
Photography: Jason Chuang

Elías Aguirre’s “Shy Blue” reminded me of one of my earliest exposure to experimental dance, when Katharine Hawthorne choreographed “Fell” to explore the sensation of bodies falling under gravity. Whereas Katharine had to repeatedly climb up ladders, to fight and succumb to gravity, Elías and company were on a rocking ship tonight — three dancers moving to the sounds of the ocean and waves, and reacting to the unforgiving forces of mother nature.