Russian Mazurka Quadrilles

Throwback to my mazurka days!

Performing the Russian Mazurka Quadrilles with the Academy of Danse Libre.

The mazurka (or mazur) is a fast, strong, and spirited dance that originated in Poland. The “mazur” was brought to Germany and Russia, and introduced to England in the 1820s under its Russian name “mazurka,” before it swept across western Europe and America alongside the 1844 Polkamania.

The high-energy mazurka was the ultimate challenge in the 19th century ballroom, and often danced by the strongest dancers at the break of dawn after all-night balls to show they weren’t tired.

The Saint Petersburg Vintage Dance Week started this past weekend. I had to miss the event due to work. Here’s to an amazing White Ball for everyone attending the event.

“Russian Mazurka Quadrilles”
Choreographer: Richard Powers
Dancers: The Academy of Danse Libre
Video: John Beale

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Full video on YouTube