Alvin Ailey: Global Voices

Second night and a new program, Global Voices, with Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater at the Lincoln Center tonight.

The enduring qualities of “Revelations” finally came out as I watch the piece a second time. I grew up and am still irreligious, and so gospel is a foreign concept to me. I do like the colors, the movements, and stage construction in the water/river scene, as well as the dynamism throughout the final “Move Members, Move” section.

“Walking Mad” is a strange juxtaposition with a comedy beginning, a fascinating site-specific dance set to marching music in the middle, and a tense duet at the end. The middle section involves a wall that doubles as a dance floor (when tilted), as a room (when folded into two walls to form a confined space), and as secret passage ways (when dancers go through the hidden wall openings). I like the first two sections individually but as a whole the work felt incoherent. Then again, I just saw Merce Cunningham last night, and so I should be open to experimentation.