“Days of the Open Hand” by Shelly Hutchinson

New York Moves (6/20)

Dancers in NYC came together for a hurricane benefit concert at Peridance Capezio Center on Sunday, organized by Shelly Hutchinson to aid Puerto Rico, Florida, and Texas.

Here is “Days of the Open Hand” by Shelly‘s own Hutchinson Collaborative. I love various aspects of this choreography which I’ve seen multiple times (and written about previously).

As a photographer, though, I always imagined the most photogenic moment of this piece would be when Lauren Wolter leaps over Brad Walton at the back of the stage. Thank you Lauren for your gorgeous lines (and Brad, Rachel, Niki) and making this photo happen!

“Days of the Open Hand”
Choreographer: Shelly Hutchinson
Dancers: Ellie Sanna, Niki Kapanka, Rachel Baird, Brad Walton, Lauren Wolter, Kate Kenyon
Photographer: Jason Chuang

APEX Choreographer Showcase

Wonderful performances by Lauren Wolter, Yoshimura Chikako, and other dancers last night. Peridance’s APEX Choreographer Showcase continues today at 4pm and 7:30pm. More info and tickets at Peridance Capezio Center. Go check them out!

Love the gorgeous dancing by the Hutchinson Collective and Lauren. I’ve seen the choreography “Days of the Open Hand” before, but the uplifting emotion that the movements inspire (accompanied by the soothing voice of George Michael) still gets to me every time.

Finally saw the expressive Chikako perform in a piece that reflects on ourselves as young adults — the longing for a home but also the desire to go out, challenge, and prove ourselves.

Other works tonight include: “Libertango” dramatic Argentine tango on pointe shoes (theatrically and technically!). “We the Artists” exploring the lives of the creative class through the metaphor of riding the New York subway. “T(i)nderness” a fun dance theatre about online dating.

Bravos to all the dancers. Thanks for a wonderful evening. I sadly can’t make the Sunday programs, but go see the show!

Children of Syria

Dancing for a cause at the Next Stage Project Showcase.

Many forms of movements tonight. The most striking, I thought, in its simplicity but also beauty, was the silent solo “Memory Current” danced by Miki Orihara and choreographed by Adam Barruch.

I like a couple pieces that took on a more literal interpretations of tonight’s theme. “Yes is here, no is also here” by Alexandra Beller is poetry-like, blending together spoken words, recorded audio, and movement, and challenges us to think about the current political state.

“You may say I’m a Dreamer” by Justin Yoon Sang Jo delivers a simple statement about peace through sign language, upbeat music (“Imagine” by John Lennon), and some fun movements.

Also, lovely dancing from the Hutchinson Collaborative and Lauren Wolter in “Days of the Open Hand.”