Lost, Found, Lost

Janis Brenner and Dancers presented “Lost, Found, Lost” tonight featuring the graduates of LaGuardia High School of Music & Art and Performing Arts at the Battery Dance Festival.

Humorous at times yet emotionally powerful, this piece explores our personal connection and attachment — to material goods and social relationships alike. The choreography began with the artists yelling: “I lost my ticket”, “I lost my program”, “I lost my phone”, before it moved onto more serious thoughts such as “I lost my memory.” The performance was dynamic and energetic featuring numerous leaps and lifts, and ended with each of the dancers presenting (what I presume) an item that they had lost, found, and lost… from a sock, a pet, to loved ones.

Congrats to the LaGuardia grads. Wonderful performance! All the best on your next adventures!!!

“Lost, Found, Lost” (2011)
Choreography: Janis Brenner and Dancers
Dancers: Kara Chan, Janis Brenner, DeAndre Cousley, Sumaya Jackson, Christopher Ralph and Kristi Ann Schopfer with guest dancers Maia Bedford and graduates of LaGuardia High School of Music & Art and Performing Arts: Leila Bershad, Jamie DeTingo, Alyssa Fulton, Tamara Iliyev, Aashika Jikaria, Alyssa Manginaro, Amar Smalls, and Genevieve Waller-Whelan
Costumes: Romana Ponce and Janis Brenner
Photography: Jason Chuang