“Days of the Open Hand” by Shelly Hutchinson

New York Moves (6/20)

Dancers in NYC came together for a hurricane benefit concert at Peridance Capezio Center on Sunday, organized by Shelly Hutchinson to aid Puerto Rico, Florida, and Texas.

Here is “Days of the Open Hand” by Shelly‘s own Hutchinson Collaborative. I love various aspects of this choreography which I’ve seen multiple times (and written about previously).

As a photographer, though, I always imagined the most photogenic moment of this piece would be when Lauren Wolter leaps over Brad Walton at the back of the stage. Thank you Lauren for your gorgeous lines (and Brad, Rachel, Niki) and making this photo happen!

“Days of the Open Hand”
Choreographer: Shelly Hutchinson
Dancers: Ellie Sanna, Niki Kapanka, Rachel Baird, Brad Walton, Lauren Wolter, Kate Kenyon
Photographer: Jason Chuang

“What We May Become” by Trace Stanfield

New York Moves (2/20)

Some of the wonderful performances from the hurricane benefit concert yesterday at Peridance Capezio Center organized by Shelly Hutchinson.

I love Tracie Stanfield‘s contemporary lyrical styles and naturally love this emotional, dynamic, yet graceful choreography by her company, SynthesisDANCE.

“What We May Become”
Choreographer: Tracie Stanfield
Dancers: Justine Ayala, Lauren Bernard, Gaby Blaney, Lexie Childers, Lee Katherine Fink, Kate Kenyon, Heidi Sutherland
Photographer: Jason Chuang