Encores! Hey, Look Me Over!

Saw excerpts from *nine* Broadway musicals and Vanessa Williams this afternoon at “Encores! Hey, Look Me Over!” presented by the New York City Center.

Some of my favorite moments:

“Look What Happened to Mabel” and “Movies Were Movies” from the musical, Mack and Mabel. Special shoutouts to Alexandra Socha’s singing and ACTING as Mabel. She was energetic yet genuine “as if you could see through her soul” the moment she interrupted the movie scene in “Movies Were Movies”.

Bebe Neuwirth as Mimi in the musical, Sail Away. Looooved her in the closing score “Why Do the Wrong People Travel” where she sang in exasperation about: Why why why do the wrong people travel and why why why do the right the people stay home? She was funny and dramatic, and everything the song was about.

Bob Martin, as the MC of the show, was hilarious yet informative — allowing us to jump from scene to scene, from musical to musical while staying engaged in show and learning tidbits of Broadway history.

The ensemble of the musical, George M! Loved their singing and tap dancing in “Give My Regrets to Broadway”.

The ensemble of the musical, Milk and Honey. Wonderful Israeli dancing in “Independence Day Hora.”

Carolee Carmello and Britney Coleman as Wildy and Janie from the musical, Wildcat, singing “Hey, Look Me Over!” as they proudly drove their fixer-upper car into Centavo City.

Judy Kuhn and Reed Birney as Elizabeth and Fodorski from the musical, All American, singing the lovely yet sad “Once Upon a Time” and reflecting on a time very very long ago, when there was a girl with moonlight in her eyes… when they laughed, were young, and didn’t have a care… but somehow once upon a time never comes again.

Plus more scenes and music from Jamaica, Greenwillow, and Subways are for Sleeping.