La Bayadère

American Ballet Theater. May 30th at the Met Opera House.

Tonight’s La Bayadère featured a stunning cast: Gorgeous dancing by Skylar Brandt as Gamzatti, Sarah Lane as Nikiya, and wonderful air time by Herman Cornejo.

Swan Lake: Misty Copeland

Second night of Swan Lake with American Ballet Theatre. We all fell in love and died with Misty Copeland and Herman Cornejo.

Absolutely love Misty especially her as the black swan. The sharp dramatic releases as she pushes away from Prince Siegfried. The gaze of her eyes, constantly scanning the room and hunting for her prey. Odile is pure evilness. Wow!

Tonight was ballet theatre at its finest. I could feel the entire theater falling in love with Misty and Herman by the Lakeside, and crying audibly as they drown themselves. I had tears in my eyes as the lovers re-unite in life after death.

And then, we were treated to more delicious dancing: Herman’s gorgeous leaps where he floats in the air forever, ever, and ever. Misty and Herman’s incredible coda in Act III. Lovely pas de trois by Skylar Brandt, Cassie Trenary, and Jeffrey Cirio. And James Whiteside, as the flamboyant von Rothbart, commanding the Great Hall.


Young love, broken hearts, and forgiveness tonight with Giselle at American Ballet Theatre.

Sarah Lane is gorgeous as Giselle, and perfectly captures the sorrow, the sadness, and the anguish in Giselle before her death. Likewise, Herman Cornejo is amazing with his turns, leaps, and extensions (how does he kick so high?) cultivating in his dramatic death in front of the wilis.

Two random thoughts: Puppies on stage tonight!!! Why is that our best so often comes out only at the final moments, of death or farewell?