Peridance Contemporary Dance

Lovely dance performance and improvisation by Peridance Contemporary Dance Company at Summer in the Square this afternoon at Union Square Park.

“Dia-Mono-Logue” (top)
Choreography: Igal Perry
Dancers: Katherine Currier, Greta Zuccarello, and the Peridance Contemporary Dance Company
Photography: Jason Chuang

Dance improvisation (bottom left)
Dancer: Eriko Sugimura
Photography: Jason Chuang

“YOUnited” (bottom right)
Choreography: Marlena Wolfe
Dancers: Peridance Contemporary Dance Company
Photography: Jason Chuang

Fire Island Dance Festival

Supporting Dancers Responding to AIDS and Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS at the Fire Island Dance Festival. Thanks also to Meg for organizing the trip on behalf of the Joyce Young Leaders Circle.

Saw ten performances including six world premiers and one US premier.

My favorites include Peridance Contemporary Dance Company who opened the show with a smooth flowing choreography “Dia-Mono-Logues” featuring eight dancers in nude color from head to toe, except for a piece of thin and dyed fabric over their shoulders and arms. The dance explored issues of identity, prejudice, and judgement as new immigrants. The colored fabrics complemented the movements to show the internal and external struggles within each dancer.

Al Blackstone and James Whiteside put on a romantic/comedic ballet “How Come U Don’t Call Me Anymore” featuring themselves and five “extra” dancers. As James pursued Al, the object of his love, he must overcome the extras who stood in his way. Killing each one of them in dramatic fashion, James triumphantly captured Al. At the end, the lovers shared a cigarette, and stood handsomely as the sun slowly set behind them. (Literally, the festival took place with the sun setting behind the oceanfront stage, though James and Al’s fabulous acting sure made the sunset look grander than it even was!)

To close the show, Makers Dance Company, featuring numerous ABT dancers, delivered a powerful and physical ballet “Tatakai” inspired by Japanese samurai battles.

Upper right: Jeannette Delgado of Miami City Ballet, who had earlier performed the solo “My One and Only” from George Balanchine’s “Who Cares.”

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CRA just posted a video of the Festival.