American Ballet Theatre. May 19th at the Met Opera House.

One of the most beautiful Giselle I’ve seen so far. Hee Seo dramatically captured Giselle’s sorrows and madness. The chemistry between Hee Seo and Roberto Bolle, as Count Albrecht, was wonderful and conveyed the depth of their love for each other.

Giselle by Dada Masilo

Throwback to a few shows that I enjoyed this year, but haven’t had a chance to write about…

“Giselle” by Dada Masilo and the Dance Factory was amazing!!!

The dancing was energetic and powerful. The alternate ending was how I always imagined the story of Giselle should have ended. Bravos for creating a character and a story that’s believable!!

April 5th at the Joyce Theater.


Young love, broken hearts, and forgiveness tonight with Giselle at American Ballet Theatre.

Sarah Lane is gorgeous as Giselle, and perfectly captures the sorrow, the sadness, and the anguish in Giselle before her death. Likewise, Herman Cornejo is amazing with his turns, leaps, and extensions (how does he kick so high?) cultivating in his dramatic death in front of the wilis.

Two random thoughts: Puppies on stage tonight!!! Why is that our best so often comes out only at the final moments, of death or farewell?