More of Parsons Dance

Returned tonight to see the amazing Parsons Dance at the Joyce Theater for a second time this week.

Finally a female dancer starring in “Caught”! Elena d’Amario is absolutely incredible. Love her lines and her extensions. Thank you for showing us not just how to fly… but how to fly so elegantly. If I may say so, it’s the best run of “Caught” that I’ve seen so far.

Absolutely love Ian Spring and Elena d’Amario in “Finding Center”. Beautiful emotional connection and powerful physical connection fused into a single duet. You two are gorgeous!

Feeling emotional after seeing Omar Roman De Jesus‘s “Daniel” again and knowing the story behind the creation. I wish I knew what the hand signals (sign language) mean during the tap portion of the choreo though.

Also, feeling so happy just watching all the dancers move in “Swing Shift”. I would go back anytime to see this piece again.