Le Corsaire

My favorite ballet so far this season at American Ballet Theatre!

Such a dynamic, high-energy, non-stop show from beginning to end. So many incredible moments tonight.

Jeffrey Cirio as Lankendem draws applause from the audience two seconds into his solo for the most amazing and powerful split leap. Cassie Trenary, Catherine Hurlin, and Katherine Williams are absolutely gorgeous as the odalisques. Love the musicality, energy, and playfulness of Craig Salstein and Zhong-Jing Fang‘s duet as Birbanto and the Lead Pirate Woman.

Male dancers have so many fun leap-and-turn combos in this ballet. Love James Whiteside as Conrad and Joo Won Ahn as Ali. Both the theatrical and technical sides of Misty Copeland Misty Copeland shine through as Gulnare. She’s “dramatically” shy tonight unlike Queen of Shemakhan, but oh my look at those turns and lifts!!! Of course, the leading ballerina Hee Seo as Medora is so lovely too. No wonder a whole kingdom plus some more pirates all fall for her.

The Golden Cockerel

Vibrant colors and dazzling costumes in The Golden Cockerel by American Ballet Theatre.

A rather distinctive experience at the ballet tonight. Everything about the Golden Cockerel is different. The bold vibrant colors. The dazzling and elaborate costumes. A backdrop that makes the theater feel more like a painting than a stage. Altogether, the dancers look as if they were well-crafted puppets and lovely dolls moving through a painting.

The ballet, a comedy, showcases more dramatic moments, comical interactions, and playful seduction than technically-demanding moves. Misty Copeland is the perfect femme fatale as Queen of Shemakhan. Skylar Brandt is amazing as the Golden Cockerel, who has the most challenging and exhausting choreography. Also, love Craig Salstein as the hilarious melodramatic General Polkan.