Went in tonight expecting jazz music and swing dance. Came out with tears in my eyes from a powerful story. Love the show!

I think Bandstand got snubbed in not receiving any Tony nominations. Laura Osnes is amazing in her singing, acting, and dancing. Corey Cott tells a powerful story with his fellow WWII veterans. I can’t help but start crying in “Welcome Home” at the end.

The lighting and staging, especially ones portraying flashbacks to the battlefields, are not only theatrically stunning but also emotionally startling. A glance into how seemingly-everyday interactions can feel to those who braved the war.

As for the music and dancing. They’re fabulous too. There is no one single big dance piece, but there is always dancing somewhere on stage throughout the whole show. I thought it’s a unique touch.

I would totally go back and watch Bandstand again, for its story.