Disco Pigs

“What is the colour of love, Pig?”

I couldn’t miss the chance to see Evanna Lynch perform live in person in “Disco Pigs” at the Irish Repertory Theatre. Evanna Lynch, a.k.a. Luna Lovegood, is only one of my favorite characters from Harry Potter!

The show officially opens tomorrow, but I saw the preview last Saturday. Set in the Irish town of Cork City, the play centers on Pig and Runt, two teenagers who grew up together. While the stage was bare except for a television, Evanna (as Runt) and Colin Campbell (as Pig) painted an incredibly detailed world for us through their accents, their words (a verbal type of language that only two people who grew up together could create), and their interactions (chugging down ciders, catching a cab to see the ocean, going to a disco). The two’s fondness and trust of each other are apparent, but so are their dependencies. They love each other (“they became man and woman together”) yet they could not break free… from their small town where the future is uncertain, from the inevitable transition into adulthood, and from each other.

The play itself offers no answer where Pig and Runt will go, but it’s portrayal of friendship, love, and coming-of-age has me thinking all weekend long… about the young artists around me in New York… aspiring technologists/entrepreneurs in San Francisco… and what it means to live and be human in today’s world.

Bravos, Evanna and Colin, for a brutally honest performance.