Classic New York City Ballet

“Classic New York City Ballet” by New York City Ballet was amazing this afternoon!

“The Four Seasons” was absolutely gorgeous with 49 dancers (!!!) in the piece. Sterling Hyltin and Chase Finley perfectly captured Spring, but Ashley Boulder, Zachary Catazaro, and Roman Mejia stole the show with Fall. I enjoyed seeing two of my favorite ballerinas, Maria Kowroski and Tiler Peck, on stage together in “Oltremare” as well as Megan Fairchild in “Square Dance.” Also, the promenade of the Koch Theater was beautifully decorated with sculptures by Jihan Zencirli.

The Four Seasons, choreographed by Jerome Robbins with music by Giuseppi Verdi, presents a series of scenes depicting Winter, Spring, Summer, and Fall. The opening scene of Winter was both elegant (dancers dressed in all white) and humorous (dancers rubbing their hands to keep themselves warm, against a backdrop of falling snowflakes). Sterling and Chase perfectly captured the exuberance of Spring with Sterling’s bright personality and Chase’s (and the boys’) leaps. They looked like young leaves sprouting and eagerly shooting into the air. Summer was hot and slow, and wonderfully conveyed by Ashley Laracey and Taylor Stanley. My favorite season goes to Fall which felt like a ginormous harvest celebration, filled with non-stop dancing, parades, and lots of impressive turns.

Oltremare explores the feeling of being an immigrant: Constantly moving, searching for a better life, yet never at home. While the central theme is all about emotions, the piece also features tons of highly technical moves. I felt Maria and Tiler, both highly expressively and also super technical, played the parts perfectly. Ashly Isaacs and Megan LeCrone were both lovely in their roles, too.

My favorite part of Square Dance goes to “square dancing” geometric group patterns with intricate ballet steps.

As a side note, I thought I was seeing doubles when the sisters, Claire and Emma Von Enck danced together in the Four Season. I had to check the program to make sure I wasn’t imagining it.

Here/Now Festival

Spring time romance at New York City Ballet.

Went to today’s matinee to watch “Carousel” again. Such a beautiful and fun choreography by Christopher Wheeldon. The dance (and love story!) is still so mesmerizing and heart warming the second time around. The leaps at the end by Chase Finlay are absolutely amazing. Of course Lauren Lovette is lovely as usual.

(Next goal: See Lauren Lovette’s choreographies)

Finally saw “Year of the Rabbit” after hearing Justin Peck speak about it at the Inside NYCB seminar. Beautiful choreography. Delighted to see Teresa Reichlen, one of my favorite dancers, starring in the piece.

The black horse of the 5-choreography program goes to “The Inferno Machine” by Peter Martins. Bravos to Ashley Laracey and Craig Hall for the eccentric, sinister, at-times jarring, but powerful ballet. Wow!