Kinky Boots

The 2,507th and final performance of Kinky Boots on Broadway.

Absolutely incredible energy in the house this afternoon. Standing ovation for just about every song after the intermission. An appearance by Cyndi Lauper herself at the curtain bow. Of course, the fabulous cast and heartwarming story of love and acceptance as always.

Glad to catch this show one more time. You’ll be missed, Kinky Boots!


Cruel Intentions

I had a fun evening at Cruel Intentions, the 90s Musical Experience!!! The show is playing at (le) Poisson Rouge through February. Go check them out!

Carrie St. Louis, Constantine Rousouli, and Jessie Shelton were amazing as Annette, Sebastian, and Cecile. Glad to see Lauren Zakrin again too. (Still so bummed that the Great Comet closed so abruptly!)

Delivered mostly without props, the show is catchy and filled with a non-stop stream the best of 90s music. Backstreet Boys! Sixpence None the Richer! I love how the show skillfully mixed the lyrics and the script, turning them into singing duals, and played with the words to create memorable moments in the story line (e.g., No Scrubs!).