Your Courage from José Limón

“To the young I say: Do not for an instant abandon that most indispensable asset of the artist, your courage.” — José Limón

Went back to see the amazing José Limón Dance Company for a second time this week at the Joyce Theatre.

Love the new version of “The Exiles” by Savannah Spratt and David Glista with live singers and music composed by Aleksandra Vrebalov. I interpreted the story in a whole different way, and it’s absolutely gorgeous. “Concerto Grosso” and “A Choreographic Offering” are both beautiful with a different set of lead dancers. My favorite goes to the solo by Brenna Monroe-Cook (Wednesday) and Logan Frances Kruger (tonight). “Night Light” is still incredible.

Random thought: The closing scene of “A Choreograph Offering” reminded me of Paul Taylor’s “Brandenburgs”. Despite moving with more subtle and measured gestures, I felt the Limón dancers actually projected greater energy. Expressing more with less, such is the fascinating language of dance!!