ABT Season Preview

Preview of the American Ballet Theatre fall season at the Guggenheim Museum tonight.

Caught the gorgeous Gillian Murphy in an excerpt of “Thirteen Diversions” (and heard her speak in an interview). Looking forward to the ABT Gala on October 18th!

More from the evening. Saw Benjamin Millepied working with Devon Teuscher, Catherine Hurlin, Misty Copeland, David Hallberg, and Cory Stearns on “I Feel the Earth Move” (and heard about his childhood in Senegal and the influence of modern and African dance). A glimpse of Isabella Boylston and Thomas Forster in “Elegy Pas de Deux”. Of course, Blaine Hoven dancing with Gillian!

L.A. Dance Project

Fun times with L.A. Dance Project at the Joyce Theater yesterday.

Justin Peck’s “Murder Ballades” starts out with child-like plays, blossoming relationships, and ends with dynamic spirited solos by each of the six dancers. Shoutout to David Adrian Freeland Jr for his turns! Wow! I also enjoy the choice of having male dancers do the more grounded movements and the female dancers leap into the air in the solos.

Benjamin Milllepied’s “Orpheus Highway” is the composite of a dance film, live dancing, and live music. It’s one of the few dance/video hybrid works that actually makes sense! I find the beginning a little distracting, but everything comes together nicely in the chase scene, the parking lot scene, through the railway track finale.

During the post-show curtain chat, we learnt that layers of dancers/musicians are supposed to mirror the original music which is composed for three string quartets. I’m mot sure if the motive came through, but it’s certain an interesting piece of work. Look forward to seeing LA Dance Project’s other program tomorrow!