Reconstruction by Battery Dance

Battery Dance presented “Reconstruction” tonight at the 36th annual Battery Dance Festival.

Choreographed by each of the company members, this piece explores the dancers’ responses to living in the current chaotic political environment. The music is by Matmos: electronic, jarring, and meant to represent the American Civil War. The movements reflect the great uncertainty that many of us experience today: dynamic and athletic at times, but bizarre and dreadful at others. Attempts to escape. Attempts to find calamity under the circumstances. Attempts to reach out and support each other.

Earlier this year, Battery Dance’s New York Season featured an evening of programs centered on social activism. Due to unfortunate time conflicts, I was unable to attend any of the performances, but I’m super glad to catch “Reconstruction” tonight. Two more choreographies from their New York Season will be presented this Thursday and this Saturday!

“Reconstruction” (2017)
Choreography: Robin Cantrell, Mira Cook, Clement Mensah, Bethany Mitchell, Sean Scantlebury, Razvan Stoian
Dancers: Robin Cantrell, Mira Cook, Clement Mensah, Bethany Mitchell, Sean Scantlebury, Razvan Stoian
Photography: Jason Chuang

The Durga Project

Throwback to watching Battery Dance at Battery Dance Festival 2016. One of the few times that I picked up my camera in recent years.

I remember enjoying the fusion of western and Indian influences in this piece. Beyond blending together ballet and jazz lines with Indian movements, I love the use of music and a story line that touches on everything from human connections to relationships and family.

Battery Dance’s New York season is this Wednesday and Thursday!

This year’s program sounds amazing: an international collaboration to examine refugees, traditions, and the current political climate. Except I’m already booked up on both nights and cannot attend. Have a great run!!! Go watch them and let me know how it is.

“The Durga Project”
Artistic Director: Jonathan Hollander
Dancers/Choreographers: Robin Cantrell, Mira Cook, Unnath H.R., Clement Mensah, Bethany Mitchell, Sean Scantlebury
Photographer: Jason Chuang