One of my favorite shows, and one that continues to amaze me.

Even though I know the narrative (third visit and soundtrack on repeat), my emotions were still sent through a roller coaster ride with the characters. Javier Muñoz is incredible as Hamilton. Thayne Jasperson is fantastic and having waaaay too much fun as King George. Love Gregory Treco as George Washington and Syndee Winters for bringing us inside of Angelica. Among the ensemble, wonderful job Kim Taylor!

Hamilton: Jon Roa on Dance

Hamilton and post-show curtain chat with the cast. My favorite is Jon Rua‘s response on the role of dance in Hamilton (paraphrased).

“If the musical was a book, then the choreography would be the pages of the book. It’s the thing that people see. As for the dancers, they not only tell the story of Hamilton, but they are the story. Dancers have nothing but their body as their instrument. They are like the immigrants who arrive in America with no money, no family, and no friends. They fill the stage, tell a story, and create everything out of nothing.”