Parsons Dance

More belated posts from May.

Parsons Dance at the Joyce Theater. Matinee on May 26.

It’s always worthwhile to go back and see Parsons Dance a second time during their New York season at the Joyce!

My favorites this season:

I love the whole concept of “Round My World” and the beautiful lines and movements.

I also love “Eight Women”, a piece that’s inspired by great women in history, created to honor Aretha Franklin, and set on the company by guest choreographer Trey McIntyre.

Memorable moments include Deidre Rogan’s wonderful presence in the opening scene and Zoey and Katie Garcia’s beautiful duet to the song “Natural Woman”.

Parsons Dance

More belated posts from May.

Parsons Dance at the Joyce Theater on May 25.

The highlight of the night goes to Zoey Anderson’s stunning performance of “Caught”. Her incredible strength, combined with her flexibility, elevates the already difficult choreography, consisting of more than 100 jumps within 5 minutes, to a whole different level.

Parsons Dance

Parsons Dance. May 24th at the Joyce Theater.

My favorite of the night is the ballet “Wolfgang” originally created in 2005 for the Aspen Santa Fe Ballet. Of course, having seen “Caught” several times, the piece still impresses every single time.

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Returned tonight to see the amazing Parsons Dance at the Joyce Theater for a second time this week.

Finally a female dancer starring in “Caught”! Elena d’Amario is absolutely incredible. Love her lines and her extensions. Thank you for showing us not just how to fly… but how to fly so elegantly. If I may say so, it’s the best run of “Caught” that I’ve seen so far.

Absolutely love Ian Spring and Elena d’Amario in “Finding Center”. Beautiful emotional connection and powerful physical connection fused into a single duet. You two are gorgeous!

Feeling emotional after seeing Omar Roman De Jesus‘s “Daniel” again and knowing the story behind the creation. I wish I knew what the hand signals (sign language) mean during the tap portion of the choreo though.

Also, feeling so happy just watching all the dancers move in “Swing Shift”. I would go back anytime to see this piece again.

Parsons Dance

The phenomenal Parsons Dance returns to the Joyce Theater!

Treated to an amazing program tonight with six unique choreographies.

Love love love the joyful and dynamic “Swing Shift”. Zoey Anderson and Elena d’Amario are so beautiful. But really, everyone in the eight-member cast is incredible. Love each and every of your jumps, kicks, turns, and all the energy you bring on stage. You all are amazing tonight, Geena Pacareu, Deidre Marie Rogan, Ian Spring, Justus Whitfield, Omar Roman De Jesus, Eoghan Dillon.

Ian Spring and Elena d’Amario are absolutely gorgeous and sensual in “Finding Center”. I can’t bear to take my eyes off them for even a fraction of a second. I wish time would freeze so I could continue watching them spin around each other, before the curtain closes.

Thank you Ian Spring, for showing us how to fly in “Caught”! Bravo!!!

Bravos also to “Daniel” created by company member Omar Roman De Jesus. I was already filled with emotions as I watched the dance. However, during the curtain chat, Omar spoke of his creation process, and described how he choreographed the piece to communicate with an autistic child. Wow. Suddenly, everything took on a new meaning. The dance meant so much more than what I had initially thought…

And, a fun curtain chat with the choreographers! I enjoyed learning about the fusion of Alvin Ailey, Paul Taylor, Martha Graham, Robert Battle, 80s South Bronx, gymnastics, and trampoline that led to tonight’s program. Keep experimenting and innovating! Look forward to seeing more of you, Parsons Dance!