Fall for Dance: Program 3

My favorite tonight goes to “Dare to Wreck” by Madeleine Månsson and Peder Nilsson of Skånes Dansteater, for some of the most amazing partnering that I’ve ever seen.

For context, Madeleine danced mostly in a wheelchair tonight, but this is *not* an “inclusion” performance to make a statement that dance is for everyone. This is *not* a choreography where a disabled dancer traced the approximate path of movements that had been created for another able-bodied dancer, to make a statement that they’re just capable. No no no no no.

“Dare to Wreck” is a showcase of what a wheelchair dancer can accomplish that no “able-bodied” dancers could even dream of. Madeleine could accelerate so rapidly and maintain such a high speed as she dashed across the stage, because she had wheels. The wheels also allowed her to decelerate and interact with Peder in ways not possible to other dancers.

I love the connection between Madeleine and Peder, both emotionally and technically. I love the the weight-sharing, weight-shifting, lifts, and aerials. I love all the creative and unexpected points of contact. I love the speed of their movements. I love the interaction between the dancers, the chair, and the wheels — like the way the wheels spin while Madeleine is lifted high in the air. Bravos!!

I also thoroughly enjoyed “At the Wrong Time” by Mariinsky Ballet featuring a trio of lovers. I love the different personalities on stage, especially the girl portrayed by Maria Shklyarova. I love the movement vocabulary, which looked like ballet movements inspired by Jazz-era ballroom steps. They look so much fun to dance!!!

Alvin Ailey: Global Voices

Second night and a new program, Global Voices, with Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater at the Lincoln Center tonight.

The enduring qualities of “Revelations” finally came out as I watch the piece a second time. I grew up and am still irreligious, and so gospel is a foreign concept to me. I do like the colors, the movements, and stage construction in the water/river scene, as well as the dynamism throughout the final “Move Members, Move” section.

“Walking Mad” is a strange juxtaposition with a comedy beginning, a fascinating site-specific dance set to marching music in the middle, and a tense duet at the end. The middle section involves a wall that doubles as a dance floor (when tilted), as a room (when folded into two walls to form a confined space), and as secret passage ways (when dancers go through the hidden wall openings). I like the first two sections individually but as a whole the work felt incoherent. Then again, I just saw Merce Cunningham last night, and so I should be open to experimentation.

Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater

Beautiful performance by Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater at the Lincoln Center tonight.

My first time seeing Alvin Ailey live. Could you believe that after all the classes at the Alvin Ailey Extension?

My favorite of the night goes to “Mass”. Am awed by the way the dancers gracefully glide across the dance floor. Their fluid motions and elasticity. Not just in individual dancer’s movements, but the whole group respond together and to each other so beautifully. Finally, when the drum kicks in (there’s a live band on stage), everything goes into high gear. Gracefulness turns into precision and energy. Just incredible!