Cultivated Chaos

I had a wonderful evening at Cultivated Chaos, a full-length show created and produced by Julia Kane, to benefit the Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center.

Some of my favorite moments include…

Stunning open scene to “Garden” by Sadie McNamara and Christophe Desorbay

Seeing the full version of “Stand By” by Christophe, Mica Butnar, Alicia Kee, and Jacob Spallino

Old favorites such as “100 Years” alongside new favorites such as “Take Me Home” and “Hurts 2B Human”

Plus, the sight of Julia Kane as tall as Megan Kirsch

A big congrats to Julia Kane Dance Collective and bravos to all the wonderful dancers Anakeiry Cruz, Cathryn Cioper, Julie Hricko, Ingrid Chang, Jordan Cassetta, Mica Romulo, Rachel Waldman, and more.


Gold by Nick Palmquist

“You better be you. Do what you can do.”

What an exhilarating experience dancing with Nick Palmquist. Thank you for teaching us how to fly… for encouraging us to be ourselves, to embrace our own differences, to feel vulnerable in our dancing… and that it’s OK being exactly ourselves because we all have a place in this world.

Choreography: Nick Palmquiest
Music: Gold from Once The Musical
Video: Jacob Hiss

I Am Here by Michelle Barber

“I Am Here” by Michelle Barber at the Broadway Dance Center Student Showcase.

I don’t usually post videos of myself, but I had a wonderful time dancing this month… so here they are!

First of all, endless many thanks to Michelle Barber for choreographing this powerful piece; for having me in your showcase; for your energy-filled classes; for your encouragement, kindness, and patience with a beginner like me; and for teaching me everything about dance the past two years. 🙏

Choreography: Michelle Barber
Music: I Am Here by P!nk
Video: Full Out Creative

JCE Jazz Dance Project

Bravos Sofia Bengoa, Samantha Paulik, Michaela Romulo and Sadie NcNamara, for a great performance at the JCE Jazz Dance Project!!! Congrats also to Cristal Del Mar López and Julia Kane for presenting your work.

I’ve seen both Cristal’s and Julia’s choreographies before. Watching them again and sitting in the first row brought out all kinds of wonderful details.

Love the intricate steps to the piano keys in “Soledad” choreographed by Cristal Del Mar López and danced by Sofia Bengoa. The movements in “100 Years” choreographed by Julia Kane and danced by Julia Kane Dance Collective are so much sharper, more energetic, and more powerful than I had remembered. Beautiful work, Julia!

Other favorites tonight…

“Safety Dance” choreographed by Skye Mattox and performed by Skye Mattox and Ryan VanDenBoom. Looove the movements, chemistry, and personalities in the duet.

“Reclaiming My Time” by Paul A Brown. An upbeat classic theatre jazz piece with an abundance of positive energy centered on sisterhood, to the music of “Sisters Are Doin’ It for Themselves”.

“Eleanor” by Muenter Merete. Another classic theatre jazz piece with beautiful lines and flowing movements, danced to the Beatle music “Eleanor Rigby”.

I’m saddened by the loss of Kavin Grant whose work “Who Is She” was one of my favorites in past concerts. RIP, Kavin.

Finally, get some sleep #teamnosleep!!!

In the Air Tonight

Final throwback and one of my favorite memories of 2018 — Dancing in Michelle Barber‘s jazz fusion choreography “In the Air Tonight” as part of the Broadway Dance Center Student Showcase this May. Thank you, Michelle, for having me in your beautiful piece and for teaching me so much in your classes this year!!! Thanks also to everyone who came out to see me!

PMT Fall Dance Series

Beautiful performance by Julia Kane Dance Collective tonight at the PMT Fall Dance Series!!! Go dance with Julia Kane on Mondays if you like what you saw!

Great to see the amazing Sadie McNamara on stage again, the unexpected hip hop side of Micaela Butnar (That solo in the jam circle! 🤗), Janine Fittipaldi outside of ballet (🤩), and Julie Hricko being all sassy.

Also enjoyed the waacking+theatre choreo (Yes you read that right.) by Miki Tuesday.

The Chase Brock Experience

I had a fun time at the Chase Brock Experience this Wednesday evening!

My favorite goes to “The Song That I Sing; Or, Meow So Pretty” — a dynamic piece with a big American theme — featuring a wide array of American dance forms from clogging, square dancing, swing dancing, to tap dancing; accompanied by catchy folk music. Bravos to the dancers for the vivid portrayal of the many aspects of American life, and the amazing execution of so many distinct dance forms in a single choreography.